By Brian Munoz, for The Southern Illinoisan

CARBONDALE — Black students were found to be disproportionately disciplined at Carbondale Community High School when compared to their peers, according to an analysis by The Southern Illinoisan looking at school and federal discipline data.

In school districts across the country, Black and…

CARBONDALE — Kristen Dietz, a commercial loan offer at SIU Credit Union, knows her husband Tyler is particularly good with surprises but “never in a million years thought” a squealing piglet would come through the doors of her office to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Coworkers gathered in Dietz’s office as Daniel…

By Brian Munoz for The Southern Illinoisian

CARBONDALE — Frost lingers on car windows as the glow of streetlights illuminate a quiet Carbondale West Main Street. The sound of a nearby locomotive rumbles the ground as Daris Herrera adjusts her apron as the clock inches towards 6 A.M.

Herrera runs…

CHESTER, Ill. — Debbie Brooks has been a Popeye fan since she was a child, even when faced with the unimaginable — being kidnapped at the age of five.

In 1961, Brooks carried the sailor’s bravery in hand when she was abducted from a park in Long Beach, California, after…

Brian Munoz

Brian Munoz is a freelance multimedia journalist based in southern Illinois who tells stories out of the Midwest. He also enjoys playing classical trombone.

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